You want to be pregnant, but it's just not going how you planned.

Yea, it's more than timing and
putting your legs up after sex!

Pregnancy is something you thought would come naturally, and shall we say easily? After all, your friends seem to be Fertile Myrtle. You may be asking:

Why am I not getting pregnant?
Is there something I'm doing wrong?
→ What can I do to get pregnant naturally?

You just feel stuck.

because getting pregnant should be "easy".


The course to help you get
pregnant naturally
From a nurse and nutritionist

Babymaking Bootcamp


this is for you

if you'd like to get pregnant au naturel


Babymaking Bootcamp

The Babymaking Bootcamp is a proven path to get your hormones playing nicely together again so you can get pregnant naturally.

There are many factors that can impact fertility. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to survival or procreating, making a baby falls to the bottom of that priority list. 

Nourishing your body can not only help you to feel better, but it also lets your body know that it has the capacity to carry a pregnancy. 

The good thing is if you can get your body working well and more than just "functioning", that's when the magic happens. 

The Babymaking Bootcamp teaches you all about what you can do and steps you can take to get your body back on track and in optimal condition for
pregnancy, naturally. 

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I'm a nurse turned nutritionist. After spending a few years in the healthcare field, I grew disenchanted with the standard model. I just knew there had to be more. More options for patients. Options that were affordable and accessible and didn't come with side effects.

Becca Thomas


Hey there, I'm becca!

Options that didn't include drugs or surgery.

The best time to start planning for a healthy child is before you even get pregnant.

After a few years, I knew I had to learn more about food and how we can use it to heal our bodies. Something that all of us do every single day can be so powerful for our health. 

I'm here to help you do that. My goal is not just to get you pregnant but to help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby too! 

don't take it from me. here's what past clients have to say about working with me!

When I first came to Becca, not only were we struggling to get pregnant, but I was also struggling with debilitating anxiety. 

Through following Becca's plan, we not only got pregnant rather quickly, but my anxiety is so much better and I'm feeling so much healthier all around. 


I was struggling with brain fog, sleep, and a couple of years with not being able to get pregnant.
After working with Becca, I felt energized, clear-headed, and able to sleep. My gut issues were almost completely resolved and I was able to carry a pregnancy to term within a couple years. 

I'm so impressed at what a change nutrition can make!