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January 20th  7:00 pm 

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You're tired of Aunt Myrtle telling you to have sex when the moon is full and keep your legs up after (something like that)

You're tired of peeing on sticks endlessly and never seeing the results you're after

Google has become your arch-nemesis as it seems to have answers for everyone else that don't work for you

You're struggling to get pregnant but you're not ready to (or not sure you want to) pursue IVF (can we say $$$)

Let me know if you can relate to feeling...

How to Detox to Improve Fertility 

In this free masterclass, you will learn all about...

What is a Detox 

How detoxification (and your ability to do it well) play an overall roll in your ability to conceive.

7 delicious food swaps you can make today to start detoxing

How to reduce your exposure to toxins to improve your fertility

Hey there! I'm a nurse turned nutritionist that specializes in helping couples (just like you) get pregnant the good ol' fashioned way. After working in what is known as "healthcare" for a few years, I knew it didn't align with how I wanted to help people. 

You see, I wanted to empower people, especially women, to help themselves. After all, it's called women's intuition for a reason. And if you ask me, more doctors should be listening to what their patients are telling them. No one knows your body better than you. I'm here to help you learn to listen to your body and understand what it's trying to tell you. I'm also here to guide you in how you can best heal and optimize your fertility naturally.

I'm Becca, an RN and Nutritionist

so excited you stopped by

15 minute q&a session to ask me anything

 Bring your questions with you! While I can't give medical advice, I can tell you my favorite brand of natural lube. 

Access quiz that you can see your toxin symptoms

This quiz can help you learn what symptoms are related to toxicity. 

45 minutes of high-quality, no fluff learning with me

Come in your jammies and bring your coffee! Learn comfortably what you can do to help your body detox.

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