You want to be pregnant, but it's just not going how you planned.

Yea, it's more than timing and
putting your legs up after sex!

Pregnancy is something you thought would come naturally, and shall we say easily? After all, your friends seem to be Fertile Myrtle. You may be asking:

Why am I not getting pregnant?
Is there something I'm doing wrong?
→ What can I do to get pregnant naturally?

You just feel stuck.

because getting pregnant should be "easy".

1. Schedule
Clarity Call

a FREE call for us to chat!

I want to hear your story! I want to hear all about your goals, what you've tried in the past and what has (or hasn't) worked. 

I want you to ask me any questions you may have about my experience, my program, or how I like my coffee (which is almond milk cold brew by the way). Basically you can ask anything you want and I'll do my best to answer! 

We'll decide together whether we should make it official and go steady. There is no obligation for this call. 

currently booking 2 weeks out to start new clients

2. We take a look

we look at your symptoms and make a plan

Are you sick of peeing on stick after stick every month, but the one you want to show positive isn't? 

Reproduction is a complex process and one the body needs to be functioning well to do. It's amazing how much better your body functions when it has the nutrients it needs to perform optimally. 

Looking at your symptoms is also a helpful tool to track progress. Many clients see a significant improvement in their symptoms during our time together. 

3. DO the work

ready to get going babymaking?


A workbook to set your goals and keep track of notes etc. as we work together. 

All Access

Text me anytime! This is one of my client's favorite features for quick questions or to check in. 


Did you forget where that article was for male fertility we talked about? Don't worry, it's all in one place, safe in your portal.

Meal Plans

Meal Planning software (including an app) that is completely customized to your cooking preferences
and tastes. It even makes your list! (but it doesn't cook 🤷‍♀️)

the investment


Nutritional Questionnaire 

Initial Consultation

Customized Supplement protocol 

Customized Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly check-ins and follow up appointments bi-weekly

this is for you if . . .

You want to optimize your chances for a natural pregnancy

You both want to get healthy to prepare for pregnancy

You're ready to make some changes to reach your goals

You want some professional guidance

Start for

then 3 payments of $333

"Before I started working with Becca, I was struggling with anxiety and getting pregnant" 

"I'm so pleased with the changes that nutrition has made in my life!"

My anxiety is so much better and I was pregnant within a few months. I felt so much better during my pregnancy and also did not have gestational diabetes this time around!


"Becca makes health information
so easy and accessible."

I was feeling fatigued, struggling with sleep, foggy-brained, and also not able to get pregnant for a couple of years. 

After working with Becca, I was energized, clear headed, able to sleep, and my gut issues were gone. I got pregnant a couple years later.  

"I can't believe how good I could feel when my body got what it needed! "


"Before I started working with Becca, I was struggling with diarrhea, nausea, bloating, and fatigue" 

"I've come a long way in a few months and look forward to a continued healthy lifestyle!"

I now have a calm digestive system, my period symptoms are so minimal to what they were before. I've lost weight and feel more confident in my own skin. I feel vibrant and I love it. 


if you're ready to take your fertility into your hands. . .

The road to pregnancy can be a long, lonely one for some people, but it doesn't have to be. I'm here to walk with you and guide you on your path to pregnancy. 

You have more control
over your fertility than you think!  

Imagine how it would feel to understand what your body is telling you? To be confident that you are doing everything you can to better your chances of having a healthy baby. 

How would it feel to have someone in your back pocket who can guide you through optimizing your fertility? 

How would it feel to finally
get that positive test?

schedule your FREE call

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, I've got answers!

01. do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, nutritional services like this are not covered by insurance. 

However, many times services and sometimes even supplements are covered by either HSA or FSA. It is your responsibility to confirm that it will be covered before choosing this as a payment method.

02. Are there any other charges?

The standard supplement protocol that I have each couple do is included. However, based on what is going on with each person, there may be a few recommendations above what is included. You will receive 10% off any supplement orders while you are an active client

The other investment is food. With implementing some diet changes, some people do see an increase in their grocery budget. Real food is an investment in your health. 

03. Can I make monthly payments?

Yes, the majority of my clients choose to make payments. However, you can save some money by paying in full as well

04. Can nutrition really help fertility?

Yes! Think of nutrition as nourishing your body. Your body needs the right nourishment to make a baby. 

There have been several studies that show nutrition and lifestyle changes are more effective than IUI and IVF procedures (have you looking into those success rates?)

05. What if you can't help me?

During our  Meet & Greet Fertility Consultation, I'll ask you a lot of questions. My specialty is fertility preparation through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

There are times when I will take on another client who doesn't fit into one of those categories, but it's rare. 

If I don't think I can help you, I will tell you and I'll also try to help you find another nutrition professional who may be a better fit for you. 

06. Is nutrition safe?

Yes! Nutrition is amazingly safe and usually only comes with positive side-effects. 

That being said, if you ever have concerns, you should talk to your primary medical provider about any questions you may have.